Academy of Martial Arts


TLM’s Fighting Chance focuses on training its students in the environments in which violent assaults commonly occur.  Emphasis is on awareness and the application of simple and effective techniques that anyone can apply without extensive and time consuming training.

 TLM's Fighting Chance

Created by Chief Instructor, Jeff Moldovan and his son, Thomas Lee Moldovan (whom the system is named after), TLM’s Fighting Chance has BEEN PROVEN in actual street encounters on numerous occasions.

The talented and dedicated instructors of TLM’s Fighting Chance promise to give you the most intense, exciting, and realistic personal defense experience available.
TLM’s Fighting Chance instructors will teach trainees, to think on their feet, help them solve life threatening situations with intuitive techniques, speed, and deadly precision. Skeptics will quickly become believers when they find themselves successfully disarming a handgun wielding bad guy, with only minutes of instruction.

Based on SIX BASIC TECHNIQUES that anyone can learn to use effectively and in a short amount of time, TLM has become one of the best self-defense systems in the world.  It will provide you with an arsenal that can be used in an infinite variety of hostile encounters. The same techniques can be applied while standing, seated, or prone; in realistic situations such as pressed up against the wall, in a car, or airplane.  The techniques can also be adapted to any form of weapon used against you; whether knife, gun, club or fist and from any direction (front, back, or side) long as the weapon is within reach….
You have a fighting chance.
TLM’s Fighting Chance is rapidly gaining the attention and respect of both the military and law enforcement communities. TLM’s FCDT instructors recently trained 80 officers from the Orange county corrections Specialty Units and have trained and certified 15 of their Defensive Tactics instructors in TLM’s fighting Chance, replacing the existing Krav Maga program.
Your Brain and Your Body are, and always will be, your first line of defense!