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What is Kummooyeh?

Kummooyeh is a Korean style of Swordsmanship. It is a modern adaptation of sword techniques described in an ancient Korean Martial Arts book written in 1599 called the Moo Yeh Do Bo Tong Ji which covers a variety of Korean Martial Arts. The techniques and movements of Kummooyeh are beautiful and dynamic, with balance, speed, power, accuracy and oneness of Body, Mind and Spirit.

Like all Korean Martial Arts, they were aggressively purged from Korea following the Japanese occupation of Korea in the late 1800's until to the end of World War II. Since that time a few Masters of those arts have quietly passed down those secret Martial Arts from one generation to the next.

Kummooyeh Korean Swordsmanship

Grandmaster Bouk Soo Joung has learned from many of those old masters and has taken that knowledge and created a new sword art that is more suited for modern life.

What You Will Learn in Kummooyeh?

Basics - The practice of basic techniques is the foundation of Kummooyeh which all other practices are built upon. It marks the beginning of the harmonization of mind, body, spirit and sword.

Kummooyeh Florida

Forms - Forms are a core element of Kummooyeh, teaching the student many of the necessary skills needed when fighting (sparring). Through a series of moves combined into a set pattern, the student develops discipline, concentration, endurance and power, all without physical contact or risk of getting hurt. These skills are essential to everyday life, and to practicing Martial Arts.

Meditation - By learning how to breathe correctly, the student will learn how to slow their heart rate, and calm themselves when under pressure. Sitting meditation then advances to the practice of Kichon, a form of moving meditation, where the student develops a strong control over the self.

Cutting - The theory and practice of the sword are harmonized in cutting. Speed, accuracy, power, footwork and concentration of intent. Cutting is the Art of Swordsmanship in practice.

Kummooyeh Federation SparringSparring - Sparring is the application of all sword practice, against an opponent. All elements of Kummooyeh are essential for effective sparring. Speed, reaction time, accuracy, judgment, mental and physical control. The student must apply all their knowledge and skill to overcome an opponent.

Kummooyeh teaches more than just how to use a sword, it teaches discipline, mental and physical training that provides for life long practice. It also teaches a sense of justice, fair play, fortitude, compassion, humility and resolve to succeed. It is the vital mental training and conditioning that separates the true practitioner from the individual who has only mastered the physical techniques of Kummooyeh.